– Step Into The World’s Most Powerful 360° Immersive Sound & Light Platform

Float in an audiovisual “cloud” on this one-of-a-kind sound sphere! 

If this 3-story platform, resembling a glowing cumulonimbus formation, seems like it’s from another universe, it’s probably because nothing else like it exists. “The Fluffy Cloud” is an experiential artwork and the world’s only 360-degree sound space, which blew audiences away at its Burning Man and Art Basel debut in 2019.

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — There’s no shortage of fun to be had this weekend in Northeast Ohio.

Whether you’re looking to get out and explore, or listen to some live music, or check out a festival, we’ve put together a guide to some of the happenings around town, in the next few days:

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The VIP opening for the new Immersive Van Gogh experience in Denver is on September 28th, With the public opening on September 30th. Offering 500,000 cubic feet of projection, 60,600 frames of video, combining for 90 million pixels of experience, prepare yourself to become a part of Van Gogh’s mastery.

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