A good music publicist (whose founder was a concert promoter) will be proactive when it comes to interfacing with the advertising and promotion teams in place for the tour.

A huge amount of preparation and work is involved in arranging a concert or other musical event and it takes a good amount of teamwork to generate not only interest in the event, but also ticket sales and a good ‘buzz.’ This is where a solid team, preferably made up of a concert promoter working alongside a tour publicist, will reap the benefits for their celebrity clients and ensure that the general public are in the know and eager to attend the event.

A good talent PR firm will be able to pull all of the required publicity together to make sure that there is so much pre-concert interest, that ticket sales will be through the roof and that the concert or event is then guaranteed to be a success. Entertainment public relations is an essential cog in the wheel of success of any music concert or event, and the celebrity planning to appear will need a successful team behind them to ensure huge media coverage and ticket sales.

An entertainment publicist will work closely with the concert promoter to promote in advance performances throughout the area where the star is to appear. This may take various forms, including publicity in newspapers, magazines and radio stations and often local branches of a fan club will be contacted to guarantee a ‘buzz’ throughout the town concerned. Often autograph sessions will be arranged by the entertainment public relations firm, and this is often accompanied by a record signing at a local store in the town.

Team work is hugely important in making sure that the concert or tour will preferably be a sell-out and the tour and entertainment publicist will oftentimes travel with the band once the show hits the road to ensure continued publicity is maintained. A talent PR firm will usually have a huge number of contacts within the music industry so that they can spread the word about any upcoming events. An entertainment publicist with a more than modest budget at their disposal will be able to generate the most public interest and create great anticipation for the event, which is obviously the outcome the celebrity desires.

Any entertainment public relations firm who knows their business will make sure that all the wheels behind the show are carefully oiled in preparation for ensuring the success of the forthcoming event and it is essential therefore for the celebrity to choose their talent PR carefully. Once a good relationship with the star has been developed, this relationship will often continue for a number of years as the celebrity concerned knows that firm will always do the best for them and the continued success of their music career.

A concert promoter and tour publicist working together for the benefit of the music star will be the best possible combination for that star, and by choosing a professional entertainment PR firm such as Lobeline, you will get the best possible team involved in the planning and publicity of your concert or tour.