What is Corporate PR? 

Corporate public relations are vital to brands, businesses, and other organizations. With the right PR firm, you can curate the methods and approaches necessary to effectively communicate with both stakeholders and your company’s general public. Enter Lobeline Communications.  


As an expert PR and corporate communication agency, we are responsible for managing a wide range of media-related services for clients, from writing press releases to managing the image of brands. Corporate PR firms like Lobeline know how to adapt quickly in a fast-paced environment, providing essential PR services when you need them. With our top-rated professionals leading your brand strategy, we can control the discussion surrounding your brand rather than reacting to it. 


So, what are corporate relations? Corporate communication companies are responsible for creating and executing the public relations blueprint for their clients. At Lobeline Communications, our services include:

Media Relations


Corporate PR agencies serve as the main point of contact for the media. A brand can rest assured that their PR representative from Lobeline Communications will respond promptly and according to brand standards to all media requests for information or clarification. We understand corporate PR and can act as your brand’s spokesperson for all media-related situations. 


Additionally, as a corporate PR agency, we will communicate with media outlets to pitch or inform them about stories that can positively boost your brand. 

Brand Management Crisis Representative


Crises can strike at any time, whether through unfortunate events, customer experiences, and other unexpected circumstances. The expertise and savvy of a public relations corporate agency are vital to mitigate any damage to your brand. Lobeline knows how to handle a brand crisis with care. We can guide your brand gracefully through crisis communications, allowing you to lead the conversation and steer it in the direction you want it to go. 


At Lobeline, our PR corporate professionals know difficult situations need to be treated with tact and sensitivity. We are experts at crafting appropriate responses to share with the media, managing and alleviating the overall crisis.

Building a Brand’s Story


Corporate PR companies are experts in building and sharing a brand’s story, specializing in sharing their clients’ mission and achievements. In order to control the narrative of your brand, corporate PR firms employ several methods. These include but are not limited to:


  • Press releases
  • Social media
  • Omnichannel advertising
  • Speech writing
  • Web promotion
  • Event management


Lobeline Communications uses its vast public relations know-how to build the perfect image for your brand. 

What Can Corporate PR Do for You? 

Major brands, organizations, and even startups rely on a corporate PR strategy more than ever before. While traditional marketing is still vital for product launches and promotions, PR is essential to building and maintaining a brand that can scale, maintain a positive image and create a compelling narrative. 


If you are considering corporate PR services for your company, take a closer look at what our public relations agency can do for you. 


Increase credibility


The media assets we provide are authentic and deeply informative. We have the leverage to improve brand credibility and authenticity through both traditional and modern methods.


Optimize audience targeting


When corporate PR firms control your content coverage, you can precisely target and convert a reader to a customer. Lobeline Communications are word wizards that relentlessly craft and launch well-written press materials as well as other content that supports a consistent message, reinforcing your brand’s overall narrative and engaging your intended audience. 


Improve Brand Value


Corporate PR provides added value and generates both new clients as well as maintains relationships with existing brand advocates. The team at Lobeline Communications has worked in journalism, management, advertising, marketing, and sales. When these forces combine, we can create consistent and effective PR strategies that improve your brand’s value proposition. 


Craft Brand Image


PR is not about a particular item or a special offer but rather a more layered, long-term approach. When we craft your brand image, our strategies are geared towards consistent success that lasts. Lobeline Communications is dedicated to delivering top-of-the-line PR communication strategies that not only generate extraordinary momentum but continue to push your brand’s image forward. 


Corporate PR Strategy & Services 

A well-designed and well-executed corporate public relations strategy aligns the brand with the business objectives. This is done by intensifying all media services to reach and convert more customers. 


Our strategies create a roadmap that can transform any brand. Corporations looking to own a piece of the market need a PR strategy the same way they need sales, marketing, and product-placement experts. 


There are various strategies and services we can utilize to help each of our clients reach their goals. For example, in some cases, a brand might need the perfect PR strategy for a single event. In other instances, a long-term approach involving a consistent release of content and media coverage is a better approach. 


However, the longer a brand engages and works with a corporate PR firm, the more consistent and impactful the results are. 


We Know PR


Our team will design an artful strategy aimed at your goals and objectives. And, because we know every corporation is different, we offer services based on a yearly plan or a monthly plan. 


Before creating any strategy or offering any services to our clients, we do our research to determine how the brand behaved in the past, areas in need of improvement, and outline any potential obstacles for future plans. 


Our team will do their due diligence before designing and deploying any strategy. We believe that research is key to the success of any public relations campaign. 


During our process, we will clarify and define goals, align objectives, identify the perfect target audience(s), choose the best strategy, craft key messages, identify the best tactics for the strategy, and finally measure the results using the customized key performance indicators (KPIs) we pre-selected. 


Corporate Public Relations that Get Results

The corporate PR field is always changing. To stay ahead of the field, you need to keep on top of technology trends. Lobeline Communications excels in infusing new technologies and innovations into our PR strategies. 


We are steadfast in our commitment to modern public relations. However, we also trust our tried and true marketing strategies that have proven remarkably successful for our clients over our 30+ years in the public relations industry. When needed, we investigate and implement new approaches, depending on the brand and its audience. We remain agile and ready to act fast for your corporation.


Choose Lobeline Communications 

Working with us will allow you to collaborate with one of the best PR teams in the industry. Trust us to create the image you envision for your brand. Let us tell your story. 


We know that corporate PR is vital for any business that wants to rise above the competition, revitalize its brand, and steer the dialog regarding its brand image and narrative. Choose Lobeline communications. Our Los Angeles PR firm will use an integrated approach, leveraging media to develop a strategic public relations plan that will deliver results.