upjourney.com – Can You Lose a Job Offer by Negotiating Salary ft. Joe Mullings

One of the first things you need to do is to let the person(s) know that you want the role and that you’re looking forward to joining the team. This dramatically changes the negotiations to a “teammate” mindset versus an “us versus them” mindset.

The second is to understand how you might educate your future potential employer “why” you are requesting the specifics of the offer package. If it is money, make a cogent and evidence-based case for the increase which may include:

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kulturevulturez.com – Panda$tackz: New Music, Life into Rap, Hip Hop In Mexico, more

A rising star within the Chicano hip hop scene that goes by the name of Panda$tackz has just released his latest single, “Lyrical X Over”. Panda$tackz gives himself the opportunity to display his creativity with a new track that has a traditional late 1990s and early 2000s hip hop sound with some modern day Latin flavor as both Panda$tackz and featured artist Imvge switch between rapping in English and rapping in Spanish.

Fresh off his new release, Kulture Vulturez had the opportunity to interview the Chicano rapper and get to know him a little better. From his struggles growing up that led him into making music to hip hop culture in Mexico, numerous topics are touched on during the brief talk with Panda$tackz.

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bizbash.com – Event Tech Check: 8 Cool New Tools You Should Know About This Month ft. Gigs Live

Gigs Live is a new hybrid concert platform launched by former executives at ViacomCBS, NBC and Amazon. What sets it apart from other live-music platforms? Gigs Live is a full-service event content and production company, which means the team can handle all aspects of performances both virtually and in person.

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naludamagazine.com – Interview with artist, activist and entrepreneur Olivia Charmaine

Check out our interview with artist, activist and entrepreneur Olivia Charmaine.

Embracing her melanin, queerness, and womxn power after making her mark in the TV & film industry as one of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets, Olivia is finally turning the camera on herself with her new weekly live stream show, “The Tea,” currently on IGTV.

In addition to working on “The Tea” and running her own full-service production company, Olivia also regularly moderates and participates in panels discussing diversity, women in the industry, creativity, inclusivity, and more.

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castingdepot.com – Producer Lauren Peacock Shares Her Advice and Insider Tips for Success

Lauren Peacock is a producer, humorist and the best-selling author of “Female. Likes Cheese. Comes with Dog.: Stories About Divorce, Dating, and Saying “I Do.” Lauren has always gravitated towards storytelling. After receiving a BA in communications from Florida’s Flagler College, her theater background led her straight to the entertainment industry, where she’s worked extensively for the past decade with clients like Under Armour, US Polo Association, the NFL, Lindsey Vonn, Wiz Khalifa and more. She has produced award-winning features such as “Lady-Like,” “Joshua Tree”and the creative buzz-worthy TV series “Atlanta’s a Drag.”

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