– Spencer Haywood – Spencer Haywood is Building for a Better Future

Spencer Haywood has packed centuries of experiences into a single lifetime. The son of a Mississippi sharecropper became the face of a Supreme Court case that transformed American sports. Not to mention, he was a gold medalist, won an NBA Championship, and was the first player to sign with Nike


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Farmers and ranchers looking to elevate their crop scouting or fence tending need to check out the Recon from Ryse Aero Tech.

The Recon takes the chores usually relegated to an all-terrain vehicle to new heights — literally. “What you would normally do with an ATV, now you can do it vertically,” says Mick Kowitz, founder and CEO of Ryse Aero Tech, based in Mason, Ohio…”

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Multiple Placements – Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group – Shaqtoberfest, LA Haunted Hayride, and Delusion all featured

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CBS/KCAL Online(LA Haunted Hayride): Haunted hayrides return to Griffith Park

Southern California News Group(Shaqtoberfest)

SHOWTIME Basketball – Spencer Haywood – Suing The NBA, Current Day League, First Nike Hoops Player | EP 48 | KG Certified

Basketball Hall of Famer and a man who changed the NBA forever, Spencer Haywood, joins Kevin Garnett on the latest episode of KG CERTIFIED. Haywood opens up about suing the NBA and beating them in the Supreme Court. Plus, they discuss how it changed the league. The big man also talks about being the first Nike basketball player, his NBA career, and the current day game


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“The nights are falling earlier, the calendar creeps toward October and haunted houses are opening for their bloody business across the Chicago area. There are even a few new ones this year — and whether or not you’ve heard of Raven’s Grin Inn in Mount Carroll, read on. We’ll keep updating this list with reviews and more events, now until All Hallows Eve…”

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“For those who prefer Halloween haunts of the terrifying kind, who have a hankering for horror and prefer scares up close and personal, a number of haunted houses open this weekend in the suburbs and beyond.

Note that most of these attractions don’t allow visitors younger than 13. Many also require visitors to purchase timed, dated tickets in advance. Lastly, judging from the promotional videos, these haunts are not for the faint of heart…”

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