Lobeline has helped enhance the career of many, including those in major studio releases.

When you are planning a concert for a musician, the public relations side of things are absolutely crucial to the success of your venture. If no-one knows what the artist is planning to do, or where they are going to appear then the venture will not be a complete success. If you are looking for an artist’s public relations firm in Los Angeles, then look no further than the experts here at Lobeline. We have years of experience in ensuring that the musical artists we take care of get the best coverage possible. Additionally, Lobeline is the only PR firm in Los Angeles founded and run by a Billboard Magazine award winning former concert promoter!

Don’t rely on a roll of the dice to get your concert heard about; rely on the experts instead. While there are many music public relations companies in Los Angeles, few can offer the expertise Lobeline can. We specialise in every aspect of PR and getting the right people – in the right place at the right time – so that your concert and your musicians can feel they are being taken cared of in the finest ways possible.

PR is highly important to musicians these days, especially since the advent of the internet and the numerous social media outlets. There are many great artists out there who simply never get a break just because they don’t get media exposure. Why should you worry about that when a music PR agency can do all the legwork for you? We can handhold you through every decision about where we feel are the most suitable places to be seen, and to where is best to advertise.

A lot of the work that a music public relations firm will do will be behind the scenes; but just because you cannot see it, don’t try to underestimate the importance of this ground work. It is this which will get your venue and event known about. For example, we will start well before the date of the venue, (sometimes as much as six months, or longer,) planning and preparing for your event.

We will take into account such things as whether there are likely to be any other similar events planned for that time and will exercise due diligence in our recommendations as to whether it is still a viable choice to go ahead with. We will look at the level of funding you have and make sure that we remain within your budget. We will also check out the historical weather stats for that time of year to try and ensure that your event is not likely to be overshadowed by thunderstorms or the like. Not all music PR agencies will go to these lengths.

We know that money earned is sometimes hard to come by these days, which is why a good music PR company like Lobeline will do their level best to ensure that you see the best possible outcome from your investment. After that, you just worry about the performance, and leave everything else up to a music PR agency who knows what they are doing.