So what exactly is Public Relations? No matter what the size of an organisation, (from a one man small business or celebrity, and right up to multi-million dollar companies,) its success (or lack thereof,) ultimately depends on its reputation which should ensure continued survival in an extremely competitive marketplace. Everyone who comes into contact with an organisation has the potential to make a powerful impact, including the organisation’s customers, employees, investors, and in particular, journalists and regulators.

All of these will have an opinion regarding the said organisation, and this may be good or bad, right or wrong; it’s all in their perception. But it is generally as a result of these perceptions that people will make the important decision about whether they would like to work with, or be against, these organisations. This is possibly even more true when it comes to celebrities; they are almost constantly in the public eye and their reputation can be their biggest asset, and the one thing that makes them stand head and shoulders above the other “wannabes”.

Their reputation gives them a competitive edge. A good PR company such as Lobeline can help to manage the reputation of celebrities and organisations by communicating positive message and building good relationships with the public and interested parties.

Lobeline will design an expert custom PR solution which we will tailor to your specific needs, assisting you to be amongst the best in your field. Whether you are an actor, celebrity or organisation wanting to move yourself or your business onto the next level, Lobeline can design a customised PR package specifically for you.

When a celebrity or entertainer becomes a household name is there still a need for a PR firm to be on board? Celebrities and entertainers still have the ability to do the wrong thing at the wrong time and if a member of the media is there, the world will quickly find out about this ‘misdemeanor.’ Celebrity PR firms know how to handle the most scandalous of rumors and can spin them to the celebrity’s advantage.

Lobeline is a premier PR agency who is well-respected within the cultural, arts and entertainment industries. We have worked for many years to get that reputation and become one of the respected few. When an actor needs to publicise an upcoming movie or the movie company needs PR, we provide that well-oiled wheel to ensure maximum coverage.

Good PR is crucial to the success of both concerts and musicians. Lobeline have years of experience ensuring that the artists we take care of get the finest coverage possible.