Amplifying Your Voice to Media on Super Bowl’s Radio Row

By Shaun W. Kimbrow
PR Manager – Division Head | Lobeline Communications

Introduction: The Heartbeat of Super Bowl Hype

Every year, the Super Bowl transcends being merely a championship football game into becoming a cultural phenomenon, drawing in millions of viewers not just for the sport but for the spectacle. A pivotal part of this spectacle is Radio Row where broadcasters, journalists, and podcasters from across the globe gather to churn out stories, interviews, and insights that feed the Super Bowl frenzy. Inspired by Lobeline Communications’ successful campaign for Stephen A. Smith during Super Bowl XLVII, this guide will walk you through how to leverage Radio Row to amplify your voice or brand. – Dream Hotel Group – Los Angeles Celebrates Super Bowl LVIII: Your Guide to the Best Watch Parties & Dining Deals

“Even though the Super Bowl LVIII action unfolds in Las Vegas, Los Angeles is set to turn the spotlight on its own exhilarating celebrations. The absence of the big game within city limits hasn’t dampened the spirits of Angelenos, who are eagerly preparing for a festive extravaganza. From sprawling watch parties to delectable food and drink specials, Los Angeles is poised to become the ultimate Super Bowl destination. Follow us as we navigate through the city’s most enticing events, providing a comprehensive guide to experiencing the thrill of the game in Los Angeles.”


Beyond the Sale Sign: 4 PR Power Moves for Real Estate Experts

By Shaun W. Kimbrow
PR Manager – Division Head | Lobeline Communications

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of real estate, effective public relations (PR) can be the key to unlocking your potential and standing out in a crowded market. As a real estate PR professional, your goal is to harness your creativity and make properties shine, appealing to both consumers and potential customers. Here are four essential tips, which can help you unleash your full potential and excel in this exciting and rewarding field.

5 PR Tips to Make Your Restaurant Client Stand Out!

By Alessandra Fusar Poli
Account Coordinator | Lobeline Communications

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a public relations expert, these proven approaches will distinguish your restaurant in the competitive culinary landscape. Let’s dive into the world of restaurant PR and craft a narrative that captivates both the media and your target audience with a buzz that’s impossible to ignore!