George Thorogood on Good Day LA

| Apr 13, 2010

Los Angeles, CA – George Thorogood dropped in for visit and performance on the KTTV FOX 11 MORNING show, in advance of his appearance at the Grammy Museum. Pictured left to right are: Destroyer’s guitarist Jim Suhler, George Thorogood, Dorothy Lucy, Steve Edwards, and Jillian Reynolds.

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What Journalists are saying about Lobeline Communications

| Mar 16, 2010

From: Gary Willhide
Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2010 3:38 PM
To: Lobeline
Subject: Re: Gary – Here’s the Jennifer Coolidge press release

Thanks — The press websites for the two events are very helpful……and you’ll probably get more coverage from the DE because of it!  Good high-res photos enchant me!  Not to mention copy that actually includes what people want to know!  It’s amazing how many PR people (And I was one for 35 years) don’t know their grape jelly from a whiskbroom!

Gary L. Willhide

Editor, Desert Entertainer

Tony Robbins on CNN’s Larry King Live

| Dec 4, 2009

Photo Credit: Phil Lobel / Lobeline Communications, Inc. © 2009

HOLLYWOOD, CA – CNN’s Larry King joined Lobeline client Tony Robbins in the green room following an on-air discussion with Robbins and Earvin “Magic” Johnson, about President Obama’s Jobs Summit. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney also appeared on the show during the final segment.

Author N.D. Wilson Public Radio Interview

| Dec 2, 2009



Author, N.D. Wilson grew up in the wheat fields of rural Idaho, scrambling through barns, playing baseball, and chasing crop-dusters with his BB gun. But he was also an avid reader of fantasy classics, and if his childhood reading taught him anything, it was this:

“It seemed as If you want to have a magical adventure, you have to be from England.”

Well . . . not anymore.

100 Cupboards and Dandelion Fire are bringing magic back to America, and on January 26th, they will be joined by The Chestnut King!

Henry York has always been timid and overprotected–his world is mechanical and dull. But now that he’s been bussed off to stay with his cousins in Kansas, the world is changing. In this new world, there’s baseball and barbecue and big red barns. There’s a Kansas sky at night, crowded with stars, and warm wind roiling the wheat. There’s an attic bedroom in a mysterious farmhouse. And, strangest of all, something is knocking inside his wall. When the plaster is stripped away, 99 cupboards are revealed–portholes and drawers and post office boxes–different sizes, different shapes . . . all leading to different places.

Now, throughout North America and around the world, kids are traveling through those cupboard doors, living the adventures of Henry York and his cousins.

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The World Famous Lipizzaner Stallions in New York City

| Nov 11, 2009

Anthony Jackson readied one of the “World Famous” Lipizzaner Stallions before performing outside of Madison Square Garden in New York Wednesday. The stallions are in the city for their 40th anniversary tour. (Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

Anthony Jackson shows off his horse as the ‘World Famous’ Lipizzaner Stallions perform in front of Madison Square Garden October 14, 2009 in New York to promote their upcoming show at the Garden on October 17. The Lipizzaner Stallions are on their 40th Anniversary Tour. More than twenty-three million people throughout North and South America, Great Britain, Europe, Australia and Hawaii have seen this internationally acclaimed spectacle. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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