outtherecolorado – Two Colorado experiences nominated as ‘best new attraction’ in United States

At the end of each year, USA Today seeks public feedback on nominations for its ‘Readers’ Choice Best Of’ lists. This year, two Colorado locations were nominated for the site’s ‘2021 best new attractions’ list.

The Immersive Van Gogh Exhibition in Denver is one of the nominees, currently holding the number one spot.

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thehypemagazine – Live Session With Robert Rositano, CEO of Fan Pass Live

Fan Pass is the new and comprehensive artist services platform that helps more directly connect artists with their fans on a global scale. With the advent of the internet, services with this concept have come and gone and unlike Fan Pass, none that I could find have taken as it far as providing graphic design services, merch creation, dropshipping, and a dedicated artist services department that is knowledgeable and accessible in quick order to the customer aka the artist.

Full article here: https://www.thehypemagazine.com/2021/11/live-session-with-robert-rositano-ceo-of-fan-pass-live/

hypeofflife.com – Fan Pass Live Provides New Platform For Indie Artists

It’s hard being an independent artist. There are days where it’s difficult to connect with fans, distribute music, and just making necessary moves for having a great music career. While signing to a major label is quite tempting, it’s just something about doing it on your own that feels more rewarding. Newly launched music platform Fan Pass Live looks to ease the burdens of the indie artist, and enable them to do even more.

Full article here: https://hypeofflife.com/fan-pass/

KWGN’s 2 Prime News – Immersive Van Gogh – Denver

Immersive Van Gogh – Denver Colorado’s KWGN’s 2 Prime News

Watch the full video here: https://app.propelmypr.com/app-public/broadcast/archive?archiveId=315&t=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJSUzI1NiJ9.eyJpc3MiOiJQcm9wZWwiLCJpYXQiOjE2MzcyNDg2NTQsImFsZXJ0SWQiOjE1NX0.EtrSzlCpUJUSfLKw9GSDlR-QAiyf7p3xT8LN19b3Lfo5onf0RCwEFxB4-6j7u6HM6Nv-uK3RNlJB_TfpdkP7Rtk0rKhRX_f0PTWk5tcO_QOPA570BBRiWE1IJDUC-M9wSkPpDnmwnF3iCid3Jhn01g0Cx_Qt1sEgDYlLFXxhZTKlws8MDCvayYch5C3JZIJsEoqlJvum3iknUoInTFSzTfWUC5DT-NMYwRxCiR-rWEkAJ77IUVYsEAvLQIiNJAaFYcfTp39n8QZwrXUzjRkiIfrw67ArB_Vb3IX5BME5ZY7ViVrb5ec57y7gXiX4ryJQKYOt_CqCOcHsyuHg6Cp_xw