– Meet Olivia Charmaine the Film and TV Producer Whose Work Supports Folx From Marginalized Communities

Welcome to our monthly editorial series A Day in the Life where we ask successful women we admire to share the daily minutiae of their professional lives, from the rituals that set them up for success to their evening wind-down routines. This month, we caught up with Olivia Charmaine Morris, the founder and CEO of Black Monarch Entertainment, to talk about how she’s championing artists from marginalized communities, what inspires her to wake up at 5:00 am every morning, and her favorite forms of self-care.

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Legendary independent actor, film producer and comedian Brian Hooks is more than a funny successful Black man who’s catapulted his way into Hollywood. When we saw him in “3 Strikes” and “Soul Plane” back in the early 2000s…there was a natural funny he’s never pushed away from. However, entertainment doesn’t overthrow his engagement with the next generation of talent who looks up to him.

Hooks spoke with us about some of his most recent projects in the works coming from the Indie film background.

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A veteran in the entertainment industry before the age of 30, Olivia Charmaine Morris is one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets.

Known for working behind the scenes with production companies like TNT, TBS, and Kerry Washington’s Simpson Street, Morris recently started her own in August 2020 called Black Monarch Entertainment which is about centering, amplifying, and celebrating otherness. As someone who has embraced her melanin, queerness, and woman power, Morris is committed to diversifying the industry and bringing new voices into the fold.

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Founder and CEO of Black Monarch Entertainment Olivia Charmaine is making a name for herself. She has worked with Kerry Washington’s Production Company and has been an executive at TBS, TNT, and TruTV while also managing shows such as The Last OG starring Tracy Morgan and Tiffany Haddish. And now she’s finally turning the camera on herself with her new weekly live stream show, “The Tea” currently on IGTV. Embracing her melanin, queerness, and womxn power after making her mark in the TV & film industry as one of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets, Olivia Charmaine is paving the way for other black women and young girls to one day follow in her footsteps.

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